Richard A Kelly MD

All applicants are required by the FAA to electronically complete FAA Form 8500-8 through MedXPress prior to your exam. BE SURE to bring your confirmation number. 

Exam tips

  • Bring your confirmation number
  • Try to come in rested and without a lot of caffeine in your system
  • If you wear glasses, bring them
  • If you have special issuance, bring your special issuance letter and present it at the beginning of the exam
  • Also if you have special issuance, read and follow the requirements "to a T"
  • If there is a possibility of medical issues, try to come in early in the month, so that any issues can resolved before the end of the month
  •  Please try not to stress; we try to make things as painless as possible for you
  • If you need to contact the FAA, call the FAA Regional Office in Atlanta, Georgia:        (404) 305-6150

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